What Are the Different Mini Myle Flavors?

The best vape pods and associated products that were already portable and discreet became even more transportable and prudent with the introduction of mini myle flavors. Of course, the entire setup of the vaping devices got smaller, but in a bid to reduce the size, manufacturers never botched up the effectiveness of their products. Apart from being effective in delivering the perfect quantities of nicotine to users, the miniature disposable variants feature new and unique flavors. As a vape enthusiast, you probably want to know more about them. Well, you will find some information concerning those flavors if you continue reading.

Banana ice

This flavor is for those who are in love with the sweetness of bananas. It contains a combination of this fruit and the icy coolness of mint.

Ice quad berry

An outstanding flavor, this one contains a blend of various berries growing in the wilderness with hints of mint for that extra coolness.

What Are the Different Mini Myle Flavors watermelon - eauderableseva

Grape ice

This one is yet another blend of flavors containing the goodness of grapefruits with the added chilliness of mint. You will experience the rush as soon as you draw in the first toke.

Iced blueberry

Not many people will turn their noses away from the aroma of blueberries. The added mint will not just increase the coolness but also enhance the overall taste.

Iced apple mango

This one contains the goodness of two of the most popular fruits of all time. One is the king of all fruits, while the other can keep consumers away from the doctor. Hints of mint will also be there to improve the taste.

Iced lychee

Very few people in the UAE are aware of the acidic yet sweet taste of the litchi. It is a fruit that grows in bunches, just like mulberries. When mixed with mint, the resulting flavor can beat all others any day of the week.

Iced mint

This one is all about enjoying the extra coolness of mint. If you don’t want the extra sweetness present in the other flavors mentioned above, then this one will surely appeal to your tastes.

What Are the Different Mini Myle Flavors grape - eauderableseva

Mixed berries

With this flavor, you will drown yourself in an ocean laden with the aroma of various kinds of berries.


This flavor will take closest to conventional cigarettes because manufacturers created this one without adding anything other than the pungent aroma of genuine tobacco.

Pink lemonade

Just like blueberries, very few people will avoid lemonade. With every breath you draw in, you will fill your mouth and lungs with the tanginess and sweetness of lemonade. The pink color is just the icing on the cake.

Raspberry watermelon

The strong flavor of raspberries got blended with the refreshing aroma of watermelons in this concoction. This one is perfect for those with a refined taste for vape liquids.

Others worth trying

Apart from the ones mentioned above, myle brings you red apple, peach, strawberry banana, strawberry mango ice, and peach ice flavors. Don’t hesitate to try them all.

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